property sale & letting

Project Sale and Letting

Giving a property the exposure it deserves, to find quality tenants or to sell for the right price requires enormous commitment. At Gesture International, we give our clients access to substantial exposure and to our pool of high-quality tenants and buyers thus reducing the turnover time for their properties and achieving a better price.

Our work covers commercial and residential properties and involves;

  • Letting and selling of commercial and residential properties on the best terms.
  • Lease renewals/reviews, rental assessments, lease administration, market conditions and feasibility studies.
  • On-site marketing via sign boards, brochures, banners etc.
  • Media marketing through online, newspapers, property magazines etc.
  • Identification and vetting of potential tenants and buyers.
  • Property search for purposes of purchasing and renting.

Property on our sales and rental portfolio include undeveloped land, apartments, mansionettes, townhouses, bungalows, industrial properties, shops etc.